Sacred Grandmother Stone Massage

Stone Massage 103

Sacred Grandmother Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment, while awakening the senses, which is the beneficial effects of using warm and cool stones. The use of the basalt stones connets you with mother earth in a grounding way through the experience of massaging the tension and stress from your body with the stones and laying the warm stones on your body.  Applying warm and cool stones to inflamed or sore areas when needed, creates a hydrotherapy effect. Sacred Grandmother Hot & Cool Stone Therapy also incorporates chakra energy work, while laying the warm comforting stones on top of the chakras this adds to a deeper experience of relaxation. Almost as if you were being held in the arms of mother earth herself. This type of massage can take you to another world! As if you took a mini spa vacation. Please allow 90 to 105 minutes for this style of massage. Sacred Mother Stone Massage is similiar but shorter time, the duration is for a 60 minute massage.

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