Tess3715Theresa Nehemias, LCMT

Massage therapist, Self Care/ Spiritual Mentor, Grief Intuitive Coach, and Educator/Facilitator.

I believe in self-advocacy, looking inside to your own internal wisdom, following the guidance that is available when your heart and mind are open and relaxed. Through the medium of intuitively guided massage therapy I facilitate relaxation, opening the connection for you to connect with your own internal guidance.

Caring for your body, mind, heart and soul is the path to Wellness.

It isn’t always easy to care for the entirety of you, is it? Distracted as you can get with life pulling at you from many directions it can be challenging to commit to self-care.

How to stay on track? Release codependent behavior

Being strong and say “NO” to others’ wants and needs, listening to your own wants and needs is the first step to creating health in your life. I am not talking about being self-absorbed or selfish; I am referring to breaking the dysfunctional pattern of codependency. When you begin to want “Wholeness” prioritizing YOUR HEALTH, you shift the focus from over-caring for others to a balanced approach of caring for yourself FIRST in order to be in a healthier place of caring for others. Practicing self caring behaviors for your self gives you the foundation, and the opportunity to be a role model for others.

When you don’t feel good, it can be hard to feel motivated to do what you need to do to receive all the jewels that the universe has for you. Receiving massage is one REAL THING you can do to move towards feeling good. Feeling good is something that you want to cultivate and grow, so that you have so much feeling good energy to spread, you’ll be a magnet to attracting all that life has to offer you. Massage works. Massage allows space for what is, facilitating healing by accessing the magic of being in the present moment and cultivates “feeling good energy”.

Benefits of Massage

  • provides relaxation and overall feeling of well-being
  • increases pleasure in the body which strengthens our immune system
  • eliminates pain
  • uplifts emotions
  • increases immune function
  • decrease tension and stress held in the body
  • grounds and centers you in the present moment, the point from where all healing begins


Receiving massage creates connection and awareness to your body, enabling you to interpret the messages your body is communicating, opening you to creating healthy, supportive choices for your life.

“I remember during my first massage my face was so tense, I didn’t even realize it! Not until I started receiving massages and psychotherapy on a regular basis did I realize the tension that I was holding. Massage helped me to release pent-up emotions that I had been carrying around with for over 27 years. What a relief to let it go”!

What is health?

Being healthy has to do with mind set.

Have you ever experienced someone who felt great, they go for a check up with their doctor and find out that they have some disease, and then they seem to go downhill from there? Not everyone experiences this but many end up feeling hopeless. The mind orchestrates much of the dance that we create and participate in.


Massage relaxes the mind, allowing for balance and healing to occur. When the mind is tense and overwhelemd it is nearly impossible for healing energy to flow.

Choosing and creating a healthy lifestyle supports health. How you relax, what you chose to listen to, what you watch, what you take in through your environment all affects your overall well-being. Do you have down time, quiet time to integrate your experiences? Who do you hang out with? Happy people who raise your spirits? Unhappy people who drain your energy? What do you spend your time talking about? How do you nourish your body, mind and spirit?

There are many facets to living an enriched and healthy life. I support my clients to live the fullest, healthiest life possible through the medium of therapeutic massage.