Infant Massage Instructions

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Infant Massage is a priceless moment. Giving you and your baby a nourishing and bonding experience. This is a gift that your child will never out grow.  Once you start this practice of quality intentional touch your child will always come back for more! Think of the benefits that your relationship with your child will reap throughout there teens from this experience. Sometimes words cannot express what quality intentional touch can provide.

Benefits of Infant Massage

  • Assists the baby to strengthen and regulate the respiratory, circulatory, and gastrointestinal functions, often relieving gas and colic.
  • Teaches baby to relax, which reduces muscle tension.
  • Supports organization of the nervous system.
  • Helps baby to sleep deeper and longer.
  • Helps normalize muscle tone.
  • Creates an internal awareness of the babies body.
  • Sedates tense and anxious babies.
  • Assists premature babies in catching up.

Benefits for Parent & Infant Relationship

  • Supports the care giver to feel more confident in caring for the baby.
  • Promotes attachment in parent & infant relationships.
  • Enhances parent-infant communication and fosters respect.
  • Helps to ease the stress of a working parent who must be separated from the child during the day.
  • Bonding Tool; Enhances father and infants relationship, fostering an experience of open heart & quality time nurturing his baby.

I have been giving Infant Massage Instructions to the parent or care giver  since 1994.  I love this opportunity to support and encourage confidence in the mother or caregiver of the infant.  In this era many of us do not have extended families around to support us during the new arrival of our baby. Having another person on your team can be priceless.  I am here to offer quality intentional touch, through infant massage, support and resources when needed.

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